Tactical 74 directly processes all orders placed by Buyers (Credit Card or by other means) through our shopping cart system. There are no setup fees and no listing fees. Tactical 74 only charges a fee if you have a successful sale of your listed item(s). We later transfer the total amount earned by your sales minus our fees via a PayPal payout account transfer. Payment options may vary at the discretion of Tactical 74.

Once the payment is cleared, the fees are deducted and the rest of the payment is sent to the sellers.
The fees are:

• E-Commerce fee
• Referral fee
• Charitable fee
• Elite Seller fee (optional upgrade)

E-Commerce Fee
The E-Commerce fee is charged by the web site commerce application. Currently, Tactical 74 uses PayPal and Stripe as the commerce application. PayPal and Stripe can accept all major credit cards and international transactions. This fee is currently (as of 15 Sept 2017) is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. International transactions cost an additional 0.6%.  In addition, PayPal charges a 2% fee for vendor payouts. This fee and e-commerce application is subject to change with/without notice.  Tactical 74 has no control over the e-commerce fee.  To see current e-commerce fees, please visit the websites of PayPal and Stripe.

Referral Fee
The referral fee is charged by Tactical 74 in order to help pay for the website operating costs. The fee is 5%.

Note: Tactical 74 charges fees based on the order subtotal (product amount total not shipping cost or taxes).

Charitable Fee
The charitable fee is collected by Tactical 74 and will be donated to a veteran orientated charity. The fee for a veteran owned business is $0.10 per item sold.

Elite Seller Fee (optional upgrade)
The elite seller fee is an optional monthly fee $10.99 ($131.88 charged yearly) to have elite seller status. If upgrading from a regular seller, elite sellers will have benefits such as (but not limited to):

• items will rank higher on searches
• items will be part of the recommendations
• unlimited items
• the store will bear the elite seller badge

An order of two items subtotalling of $19.95, plus $15.00 shipping and $5.24 in taxes would cost the customer $40.19.

Item 1 C$10.00
Item 2 C$9.95
Subtotal C$19.95
Shipping C$15.00
Tax C$5.24

Total Customer Pays C$40.19

E-Commerce Fee (2.9% + C$0.30 per transaction) -C$1.47

E-Commerce vendor payout Fee (2%) -C$0.75

Referral Fee (5%) -C$1.00

Charitable Fee ($0.10 per item) -C$0.20

Total Paid to Seller C$36.77

The seller would receive C$36.77 for shipping, taxes and two items.