Our Supporters

Tactical 74 is a proud collection of Canadian veteran owned and supported businesses that provide top-notch products.

While not everyone can have the privilege of serving their country, Tactical 74 is proud to be supported by these businesses. Behind every great warrior, you will find a strong network of support. These businesses are no exception. Handpicked and constantly showing their support for the veteran community. With these supporters at our side, we’re confident that you’ll get great products and the best service every time you shop our online store. Learn more about our supporters below.

  • Musings of a Canadian Military Family.

    Kim's blog of life as a military spouse.  Her incites and stores of the military community and daily struggles are open to everyone to see.  She is fierce!  And an inspiration to all.  Follower her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on the web at www.sheisfierce.net

  • www.vetscanada.org

    At VETS Canada, we are committed to helping homeless and at-risk veterans reintegrate into civilian life.

    Working within the community, VETS Canada members attempt to move veterans from the streets or shelters into affordable housing (if available). They also connect the veterans with needed health care, help them access benefits and services from other organizations, and support them in finding suitable employment. The volunteers stick with these veterans every step of the way and do everything possible to help them re-establish themselves. To do this, VETS Canada has a national Board of Directors composed of volunteers and has outreach across the country.

    VETS Canada has evolved from just assisting homeless veterans to also providing support to those who are not necessarily homeless but who are “in crisis”. Whether that crisis is not being able to afford groceries or a hydro bill, or it’s an emotional/mental health crisis, VETS Canada is available to provide support.

  • www.DVAClinic.ca

    Dignified Veteran Assistance Clinic is a simplified service provider that takes the pressure and stress off of our Veterans and First Responders, allowing them to heal.  DVA has been created by Veterans and employs professionals who possess an understanding of the unique challenges that face our Veterans.

    Dignified Veteran’s Assistance Clinic is an independent*  multi-disciplinary health clinic focused on providing Canadian Veterans and other first responders with the care they deserve.

    We believe that healthcare is a collaborative process and that it should be easy to receive the care you need in one place, this approach minimizes interruptions in your daily life and streamlines care.

    *Please note we are not directly affiliated with Veterans Affairs Canada (formerly known as the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA).

  • Christopher is the owner of Veteran Welding Co as well as a 10-year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, and red seal welder.  Veteran Welding is a veteran owned and operated welding and fabrication company, located in Aldersyde Alberta, Canada. Specializing in all forms of fabrication and design.

    Not only does Veteran Welding take pride in their products but also in their team. Veteran Welding Co is dedicated to the well being of its members and believes that the company's success is, not only in selecting the right people but giving them a range of tasks that build cohesion within the team and nurture out of the box thinking. That is why Veteran Welding strives to have a veteran-rich environment (60% Veteran owned/operated) familiar to those who have served our country and our community's.

    At Veteran Welding, they believe that veterans of any federal service deserve to be treated with respect, and given a chance to grow their knowledge of the welding and fabrication sector, which will, in turn, provide them with a skill set that they can use to help support their family and build stronger community's.

  • Cadence Health and Wellness Inc. is a veteran owned and operated mental health clinic that has taken a new and innovative approach to healing. Our therapists have been handpicked and vetted by veterans and first responders, along with the help of Dr. Dee Rajska in order to insure that all our clients receive the utmost respect, care, and sensitivity that is deserved at each and every visit. Our admin team is also comprised of military family members who have completed and are certified in safeTALK, ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training), and the Mental Health First Aid Veteran Community Program.

    The cornerstone of our healing model is hands down our peer support programs. We will host countless meetings, with a twist! We at Cadence believe in stepping outside the box, as that is where true healing begins. We will be there every step of the way...getting you back in step! At Cadence Health and Wellness Inc., we will help ease your burdens by offering our assistance with all paperwork pertaining to Veterans Affairs, Blue Cross, insurance, etc. We are more than willing to accommodate in order for you to focus strictly on your path to healing.

  • Veteran Advance is operated by a team of Canadian Armed Forces current serving members, veterans and spouses.  The inspiration for Veteran Advance came to me after a deployment – a period in my life where I briefly transitioned from the Army to the civilian world.

    My thought process was born out of the reality that surrounded me at the time.  The reality that often faces transitioning veterans who return to civilian life after releasing from the military, and the unique challenges that they may be presented with.  Essentially I felt that there was a real need to connect, and that we could achieve this connection by supporting veteran-owned businesses.

    By supporting businesses owned by current serving members, veterans and spouses, we can achieve our goal of building a mutually supportive economic community.  Together we are stronger.  Together we advance.

  • Hypnotherapist and Perinatal Services (Doula)

    Annick has always been committed to helping people around her. She truly believes that each individual has within them, all the necessary resources to realise their full potential; sometimes only missing the spark and/or the inspiration that can light the fire for achievement.

    In her toolbox, there is a wealth of life experience and training. Annick, however, specializes in Ericksonian and Conversational Hypnosis, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). These tools provide access to the unconscious, or, if you prefer, that part that does know! This solution-oriented approach can take you from present-state to desired-state!

  • I completed a tour in Rwanda in 94-95 and have a diagnosis for PTSD. My recovery has been slow and agonizing. A close family friend invited me fishing with him one time and I couldn't believe how in awe I was at the serenity and peace I was feeling. Everything in my head calmed and I was able to enjoy myself. I thought how can I give back and maybe help my fellow brothers and sisters. Take them fishing. I'm hoping that if they go on a trip with us, they might have the same effect that I did.

    This project is intended to give Veterans with combat injuries, a chance to experience a guided fishing trip in a small group setting, at $0.00 for them.

  • From the moment you step into your game, you'll be totally immersed in our world. We have a variety of adventures for you and your friends and/or family to choose from.  Play an action packed game of paintball, test your endurance on our obstacle course, or try to hit some bullseyes during a session of axe throwing! ​

    Marked Adventure Park is a proud supporter of Tactical 74 and veteran charities.

  • www.oddjobninja.com

    Judy, an Afghanistan veteran uses her improv and comedy to address her PTSD in a (mostly) humorous way.  Get tickets to her Ottawa performances and learn more at www.oddjobninja.com.

     She deployed to Bosnia in 2000 and at the end of her deployment was hired to stay on as a civilian contractor with ATCO. She worked in Bosnia for three years and a few years later in Afghanistan for four, returning to Canada in 2011.