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Celebrating Our Vendors

Today, we have an extra spotlight on one of our vendors:

Clarence, best known here at Tactical 74 as Lures for Vets, has been awarded the Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation! This commendation is awarded to “Individuals who have performed commendable service to the Veteran community, and/or individuals who represent commendable role models for their fellow Veterans.”

Clarence’s passion and enjoyment of fishing came about after attending a Wounded Warriors Weekend 2013. Lures for Vets was created after receiving supplies as a Christmas gift and he generously donates ten percent of sales back to Wounded Warriors Weekend Foundation!

We are so proud to share with you Clarence’s commendation, and hope you will join us in celebrating him, one of many amazing and talented veterans that make up the team here at Tactical 74.

Bravo Zulu Clarence!