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First Responders know how to have fun!

EMTs Tee | Tactical 74

Our hard working first responders know how to have fun!  And with our newest line of tees, they can show it too!  Whether you are an EMTs who comes when they go down, a fireman who finds them hot and leaves them wet, or a police office who is always up to search a suspect, we have the right shirt for you

Police Tee | Tactical 74
Fire Tee | Tactical 74

Pick up your shirt today.

And with every purchase from Tactical 74, a donation is made to a veteran charity!

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Introducing CKC Remembers.

Tactical 74 is excited to introduce CKC Remembers!  CKC Remembers was formed by a trio of young Patriotic Canadians in an effort to commemorate and honour our brave first responders including Police, Fire, EMS, Canadian Armed Forces, Dispatchers, Nurses, Corrections, and Ministry of Natural Resources.

CKC Remembers proudly recognize currently serving, retired Veterans, Families and Friends of all our first Responders and Emergency Services and encourage recognition by way of their broad array of products displaying the thin line appropriate to each respective Service. CKC Remembers have two Retired Military parents mentoring them along the way both of which have inspired them in their endeavour.  See these and many more items from CKC Remembers at Tactical 74.