Crystals Creations

Crystals Creations
Crystals Creations

Crystals Creations

As a 10 year Veteran of the CAF, I began to create various crafts to keep my mind busy after returning from Deployment.
Everything is hand made and and can be made Custom to your specs and colors.

Chainmaille Jewelry

Chainmaille is one of the earliest forms of metal armor. The oldest piece of maille armor that can be accurately dated is more than 2,700 years old. It was discovered in the graves of Celtic warriors. Earlier evidence of chainmaille has been found in graves from the 5th century BC in Scythia (an area between Europe and Asia). Although most historical chainmaille is armor, jewelry techniques were also used by cultures as diverse as the Vikings and the ancient Egyptians. It is difficult to trace the history of chainmaille, because much of the “evidence” was destroyed in battle. Many pieces that survive today may have been high-quality pieces passed on from generation to generation (or even stolen from a corpse after a battle). 

Options to pick your colors and style.


Knit Touques

Homemade warm winter touques.

Can be Made in Any size and color

Adult , Child and Baby.  


Fairy Doors  

Some Say they are a magic portal to the fairy world while others will never see. 

Sitting at the base of a tree, on a garden wall, or over a baseboard, fairy doors invite us to imagine a fanciful realm just beyond the threshold. Not just for children, these miniature doors pop up in backyards, homes and businesses wherever fairies are welcomed.  

I can build to match a theme, add your favorite color or recreate from a picture perhaps.

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