Project Help: Treatment for Candice - Online Auction

Project Help: Treatment for Candice - Online Auction
Project Help: Treatment for Candice - Online Auction

Project Help: Treatment for Candice - Online Auction

WELCOME to our ONLINE AUCTION site in support of Candice Creese.

Bidding starts: March 1, 2020 (8:30 a.m.) – MST
Bidding ends: March 31, 2020 (12:00 p.m.) – MST

It is estimated that approximately 8% of Canadians who experience a traumatic event develop PTSD. Candice Creese, is a military spouse and a community worker, and she happens to be part of that 8%.

Here is her story: “The question I probably get asked the most is what caused it? I wish the answer was that simple. I have asked myself that same question a lot over the years. Spending many nights staring at my ceiling at 3 a.m. picking my life apart in shreds trying to figure out “the moment” that everyone asks about.

The truth? It was a lot of moments. Moments that were really difficult growing up with a family member (who I will not publicly shame) who gave me a very construed view of the world, those around me and my self worth.

Those experiences growing up made me feel like I wanted to go into a line of work to give back. I knew that I couldn’t change the entire world, but I might be able to change “moments” for others (or at the very least make them slightly more tolerable).

So that’s what I did. I went into that line of work for almost a decade. I loved it. Genuinely loved it. I was able to work in emergency shelters for men, women, and youth. Gain experience helping women flee intimate partner violence and start their lives over through transitional housing, be a peer support worker to youth in recovery with their own mental health journey, work in live-in residential care on the other side of the country for multiple weeks at a time before coming back home. Working with veterans and their families while they were navigating their life/health circumstances. I am so fortunate to have those experiences and even more fortunate to have met so many inspiring beautiful and bad ass people along the way.

On the flip side of that is the trauma that I experienced as a result of that career. That causes nightmares, sweats, avoidance of a lot of public places..the list goes on. I don’t like to talk about all of those symptoms, the same way that I do not like to talk about specific details of certain traumatic incidents that brought me to here. I have been off work fighting to get healthy for a year now. I have also been medically advised that I should not return back to front line work anymore.

I received my PTSD diagnosis in 2015. Since then I have tried more medications than I can count, therapy, meditation, mindfulness, exercise, elimination diets etc. I am still here (so it has worked to some degree) but all this time I feel like I have been surviving and with this new treatment opportunity I have a pretty solid chance at being able to not just survive…but actually live. My children deserve that, my partner deserves that – I feel like I deserve that.

Unfortunately the medical treatment that I am pursuing is not covered by my partner’s insurance (or any insurance). This is where I need to ask for help…and those who know me will tell you that asking for help is really not my strong point. I am really good at advocating for others but horrible at doing it for myself.

Each infusion is $500.00. For a treatment cycle you go for 2 infusions a week for 3 weeks. So a treatment cycle is $3,000.00.
An individual only needs ONE cycle and if a maintenance booster was needed it would be considerably down the line.
Treatment Center: WWW.NOVAKET.CA 

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